art - serene paintings that portray coastal and tranquil scenes by the artist Tillack - australian artist art - serene paintings that portray coastal and tranquil scenes by the artist Tillack - australian artist
art - serene paintings that portray coastal and tranquil scenes by the artist Tillack - australian artist
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art - serene paintings that portray coastal and tranquil scenes by the artist Tillack - australian artist
Another interesting break down to the present argument for and against Global Warming

'How It All Ends' by wonderingmind42

An interesting break down to the present argument for and against Global Warming



Costa Nativa Ecotours
Troncones, Ixtapa. Mexico
contact Alejandro or any of the local hotels

This is the story of one man's passion (a fellow surfer) and the large responsibility he has personally taken on to make a change.

My wife and I, while in Troncones enjoying a surf trip, met Alejandro, who has built a company around creating guided tours of the local rivers, streams and beaches (he is affiliated with all local hotels), he is a very knowledgeable gentleman with much compassion to his environment.

On his Eco - Tour you will enjoy the nature settings as you kayak up and down the local streams and soak in the beaches and some local food, but at the end of your tour he will also introduce you to the presence of civilization as you lay witness to the mounds of trash that collect on the jungles banks after being washed from towns & cities further upstream and makes it's way to the ocean - clogging and contaminating all in its path and in turn take away this peaceful beauty, yet there is not a soul or building around as this has all been facilitated many miles upstream.

Part of the tour is to help collect and clean this misinformed disbandment of everyday waste - plastic bottles to wrappers - bag loads at a time - this is a never ending deal as further upstream - people have the 'out of site out of mind' approach but this can be slowed down or stopped by constant education to the effects of their present actions.

Costa Nativa EcoTours
One Beach at a Time
Except for participating physically when visiting Troncones and spreading the word about his business to fellow travelers, at the moment I don't believe there is no way to financial help Costa Nativa Ecotours for now - but knowledge that this is a global problem that we all have to deal with, and there are many ways we personally can make a difference - as Alejandro is selflessly doing - then his efforts are spreading further than, I am sure, he could imagine. (click here to see EcoTours photos)

An Inconvenient Truth
An eye opening look at what is going on with global warming, very easy to watch but very hard to swallow. I highly recommend watching this DVD and taking on the responsibilities that are necessary, in my home country, where the effects are very obvious, they are trying to make it compulsory in all schools to watch this movie.

There are ways of giving and supporting but there is also simple ways of incorporating this to make a difference in your own life. (download "ten things to do" list in pdf.)

alaska wilderness league
helps protect sensitive marine and coastal areas offshore of the Arctic Refuge from oil exploration or development.  
heal the bay
supporting TMDL research, advocacy and storm water permit programs to ensure that Los Angeles area water body quality regulations conform to the clean water act.  
reef check
supporting Reef Check Hawaii, expands the new California program into Southern California, and develop Reef Check's Baja Program. All programs are designed to scientifically monitor, restore and manage reefs worldwide.  
Surf Aid International

Working to improve the health of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing

KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance
Funds will be used to build a coalition of activists to promote the protection of Hawaii's coral reefs and to secure regulations for the cruise ship industry, to promote to the surf community KAHEA's Eyes of the Ocean reporting campaign which allows individuals to describe observations of fouled ocean waters in Hawaii, and to support ocean protection issues including securing protection of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, gill nets and cruise ship regulations. 

surfrider foundation
efforts to save and improve coastal locations through action oriented programs and campaigns, to protect or enhance coastal locations through the Beachscape coastal mapping program, educate children in schools with the Respect the Beach program, and to ensure or protect the quality of water in the surf zone through the Blue Water Task Force program.

OC. coast keeper
supports efforts to reduce the health threats to wave riders and swimmers caused by urban runoff pollution in the coastal zones of Orange County, Calif., through advocacy efforts aimed at all levels of  government, as well as enforcement, education and water monitoring efforts.  


Foundations Helping to educate

seymour marine discover center
Funding is used to educate young people about the role marine science plays in understanding and  conserving the world's oceans through a variety of educational programs and camps.  

Algalita Marine Research Foundation
Funding is used to support the distribution of the Watershed Wonders DVD and curriculum program for junior and senior high schools with the goal of educating students about the harmful effects of non-biodegradable plastic debris on marine life. Funds will also be used to expand distribution to states beyond California, translate the DVD into Spanish, develop a national program titled East Coast Watersheds and a new series of educational videos for classrooms.

ocean institute
Watershed Education Program is designed to bring fifth grade students in the communities once removed from the beach to the Institute for hands-on education about the environmental impact of their behaviors. 



I would like to thank all these people as they have had some influence on me or have helped me in some way to pursue my talent and give me advice or direction whether it being directly or indirectly. Also thanks to those who are not listed or do not have a site.

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art - serene paintings that portray coastal and tranquil scenes by the artist Tillack - australian artist

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