art - serene paintings that portray coastal and tranquil scenes by the artist Tillack - australian artist art - serene paintings that portray coastal and tranquil scenes by the artist Tillack - australian artist
art - serene paintings that portray coastal and tranquil scenes by the artist Tillack - australian artist
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art - serene paintings that portray coastal and tranquil scenes by the artist Tillack - australian artist
art - serene paintings that portray coastal and tranquil scenes by the artist Tillack - australian artist early worldly travels
So here is a list of my travels since about 93 - don't fall asleep==
Actually in 90 I went to see my sister get married in Canada and also went thru California and Hawaii for about a month.
Being a surfer I went to Bali a couple of times and Sumbawa as well as doing a yacht tour around Timor.
I was a roady for my mates band - they were number one in the day - They sang that song 'My Favorite" - jazzy stuff - cant remember their names but I know he plays drums for the whitlams now. We traveled from Sydney all the way around to Adelaide etc.
Xmas of 93 spent 4 months in Hawaii surfing big waves - almost drowned surfing an outer reef that was breaking 20+ft also got held in an under water cave at Pipe line.
After this I met a friend in England where we bought a van a drove over to France thru Spain and Portugal and then back - took 3 months - sick waves and culture.
Flew to San Diego, California to meet up with a mate from home, who wanted to go to Mex. Stayed in SD for a few months waiting for Brad to turn up. Here is where I met a lot of the friends I still have.

Brad and I drove from San Diego to Costa Rica, so that meant passing thru Baja to main land then crossing into Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and then Nicaragua before we got to Costa Rica. This trip took 3 to 4 months, bribed allot of cops and learnt Spanish from a book while trying to talk to the village folk - this was an insane trip.
We then had to fly out as I had a staff infection that they thought was from a spider bite. Flew into San Francisco where I was in hospital for a week, but had a room with a killer view of the bridge - I also used to escape to go and play pool at the bar with my friends- still having the drip in my arm.
On release from here we went to Canada to work - planting trees - worst job in the world but the best experience and if you could do it you could make good cash. I had a lot of experience with having to jump to cliffs from helicopters and hanging of mountainsides just to plant trees that where worth 10cents a piece. Saw allot, got to run into allot of bears, saw the northern lights a few times and also got into Alaska - plus more adventures (too much to write). My first year I made $16000 before tax in 6 months while living out of tent. From here I took a girl I met to my sisters in Ontario where we ended up getting married (another story) from here we went thru New York to see a friend I met in London, then flew back to San Diego. My girlfriend and I then decided to go to South America, so we bought tickets to Peru. Here was a trip, from burning streets to machineguns at night - Lima was a trip. Got to surf the longest wave in the world, climb the Inca trail to see Machu Pitchu and also got chased out of a town by about 15 crazy fuckers after try to kick the shit out of there friends for trying to steal my stuff. We also went into Ecuador and also Chili - more adventure than I can write about now.
Spent a few months in South America then flew back to Cal. where I stayed and my girl went back to Canada. In San Diego I got a job doing the Pedi cabs that you probable saw down town, here I met the Italian girl you saw in the photo at Disney- Sabrina (the picture called Ragazza on my site is off Sabrina). She couldn't even speak English. I then left after a few months and went back to do the tree planting in Canada, same story - planted, went to sisters and then thru NY and back to Cal. Spent the full 6 months up there working same story but got to surf of one of the islands of Vancouver. This year I made about $20000+ plus before tax.
This time I stayed in San Diego where I did the Pedi Cabs and made trade show booths as well as when I started to paint and do murals until the following year where I went back and did the tree planting for the last year - this year I made about $40,000 before tax in 6 months - which was only equalling about 100 days work - best day I had I planted over 5100 trees in one day!!
After this I went back to San Diego and decided to go to South Africa by myself, thinking I would only go for about a month, I loved it so much I stayed for about 3. I bought a red Jaguar for $800 dollars and drove down the whole coast chasing giraffes, rhinos and elephants as well as some sick waves. I met a local guy in Durban who I got on with so well that we did the trip together and then I lived with him till I decided to fly over to Reunion Island, 6hrs off South Africa, near Mauritius. This is a French colony that is built on a volcano made island - lots of reefs just like Hawaii. Had a great couple of week here, very tropical, got chased out the water by a Zambezi shark and also climb to the top of a volcano. I then went back to South Africa, where I proceeded to live with Riaan (my South African friend, who I ended up bring him back with me to live here). At this point I got into a bit of trouble after a guy tried to rape a local girl that I was dating. I found him and gave him some street justice only to find that he was involved in the South African drug Mafia and apparently they had put a hit on me and the cops were also after me so I snuck out and went to Johannesburg where I got a plane the hell out of there.
Back to San Diego.
Here I went back to building trade show booths and painting until it got slow then I started build snowboards. I met back up with the Italian girl, Sabrina who had gotten married. She promptly left her husband - they were having problems any way, and we both went to Canada to see my sister. When we came back to San Diego we lived together and the following Xmas we went to meet her family in Rome, where she is from. I got to see all the sites - Coliseum, sis teen chapel etc and also got to surf the seas south of Rome. A year after this trip we went to Aus to see my Fam. there for only 2 weeks, as that was all I could spare.
Came back to California, got into computers after reading all the books - before I did not even know how to turn one on. Here I built a site for the company I painted murals with, and then left to work with a friend who wanted to start a web design firm. I got into teaching and so forth. At about this time, after a couple of years, Sabrina and I decided to go our own way and I moved out and then in the beginning of this year I went to see my friends in NY and also my sister in Ontario. On return there was little work so that is how I became a full time artist - I still do some teaching and web design. writen in about 2002.
Wake up - did that kill you!!
But that was about the last 10 years in a nutshell, minus allot of other short stories - wait for the book!
another 5 or so years of travels not documented
art - serene paintings that portray coastal and tranquil scenes by the artist Tillack - australian artist

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